The Influence of Gem Stones in humans :

          The colors or vibrations of specific gemstones correspond to the colors and vibrations of various planets in the solar system. The gems create their effect by both absorption and reflections of the vibratory rays and the degree of influence depends upon the particular colors and absorption rate. The Navaratna gem stones have abundant cosmic powers and their force is always positive.

Gem Empowerment Puja / Pooja :

              Gemstones are often recommended to give the power and energy to a particular planet which is weak in your birth chart. Once a gem is set in a ring, its effects and results can be expected only after a proper gem-empowerment puja. It is different for all gemstone. The Puja will do on behalf of you by our great Vedic Pandits. In this section you will receive a special mantra to chant 108 times before wearing the gemstone. Without this Puja a gemstone is useless & does not give proper result.


             A Lucky Gem will be helpful in achieving your goals and lets you to lead obstacle free life. It can also be worn to fetch you more fortune & success. Your Lucky Gem stone will be determined after personally analyzing your Horoscope by our Experts – Gems should be worn for benefic planets only. We check planetory strengths,positions and findout which planet gem is more beneficial to you. Only in some special circumstances you can wear gems for non-benefic planets also on temporary basis, If they are involved in special yogas.You will be recommended the weight of the gem stone and the right metal to go with it. You will be also advised on wearing instructions like exact date and time to wear the Stone for the first time. Based on your birth details you will be advised the best Gem that can be worn by you at all times. Our predictions’ accuracy depends on how accurate you can provide us your birth time.

Gems – Remedies through gem therapy:

         Gems have wonderful power to mitigate the evil effects of planets and helps in curing diseases. But one has to choose correct gems in order to have benefits from them.

        As our body is composed of cosmic radiations. Electronic radiations from other planets produce cellular change in human body. In order to bring balance in cosmic radiations and to reduce the evil effects of certain planets, astral gems are used.

        Gems are carefully selected for use to affect body beneficially through other measured radiations.

        Gems are classified in two types HOT and COLD. Ruby, red coral, diamond and cat’s eye are hot gems. Whereas pearl, topaz, blue sapphire and gomed are cold in nature.

         It is good to wear combination of hot and cold gems to have balance in body or otherwise they may increase your health problems. One should wear gems only when they are required most or when they are indispensable. To achieve good results of the stones they should be worn in shukal paksh, on specified day and time. Gem should be soaked in raw milk or kept under sun rays for at least three hours to remove impurities from them.

         Before wearing a gem wash it with gangajal and raw milk, perform its pooja and then wear it. The jewels or gems should under no circumstances be removed from the body. It takes months before the action of the jewel becomes manifest in the organism, but the moment the jewel is removed, the benefic effects is instantly lost.

          But when a stars is debilitated, malefic and unfavorable then selection of gem is very difficult. So try and take proper advice of expert astrologer.



            Rudraksha word is related to Hindu Religion. Rudraksha tree and seed both are called Rudraksha. In Sanskrit Rudraksham means Rudraksha fruit as well as Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha tree grows on mountains and hilly region of Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Burma. Its leaves are green in colour and the fruits are brown in color and sour in taste. The Rudraksha fruits also adorn the human beings because of spiritual values.

            Perfect for Body, Mind & spiritual gains: Rudraksha evokes power in the body, which fights against diseases hence improving overall health. As per Ayurveda, Rudraksha strengthens the body constitutions. It removes the blood impurities and strengthens the body substance. It removes the bacteria inside as well as outside the Human Body. Rudraksha removes the headache, cough, paralysis, and blood pressure, heart disease and maternity problems. Wearing of Rudraksha brings glow on the face, which results in calm and charming personality. Rudraksha rosary is used for Japa. The process of Japa increases spiritual power and self-confidence to move in multi direction of life. Therefore, Rudraksha seeds are found be useful for providing health benefits as well as helps in gaining spiritual success. Wearing Rudraksha results in the destruction of sins from previous birth that cause difficulties in the present life. The men who are Mlechchha, chandaal (impious and inhumane) or full of all kinds of vices can get the form of Lord Rudra by wearing Rudraksha. This helps in getting rid of all the sins and gets him to attain the supreme goal of his life.

             As per the modern Astrologers; Rudraksha is used for removing malefic planetary effect. There are twenty seven Constellations. Each has control of one of the Nine Planets. Each constellation is controlled by some related Rudraksha. Therefore according to these constellations, various multifaceted Rudraksha are worn (Control planets) and is found useful in multidiscipline. The Multifaceted or Mukhi Rudraksha which has various planets residing on it, always receive energy from related planet. Its power of receiving energy is tremendous and it works like a reservoir. It not only receives energy, it is also known for emitting energy continuously. We have never come across any ancient authentic text which describe any relation between Rudraksha and planets; of course it is very clear that these Beads are above and beyond the control of any planetary effect or power.

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