The Gomati Chakras, Naga Chakras, Saligramas, Moti Shankas, Cowries…etc

           These miraculous shells, which are used in our daily life since time immemorial for prosperity, vastu defects, to ward off evil disease and also all negative energies, like entities both animal and human, black magic besides for use of Tantric Rites. All these shells are found in Gomati River which meets Dwaraka and also in major Rivers and Seas.

         These shells are formed by small organism to be known as Phylum, Molluscs (such as Snail, Clam, Octopus which has hard Shells to protect them). In local language in Tamil Nadu (parts of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean), this shell is known as “Patri” the Gomati Chakra what it is normally called. These shells have a perfect Geometrical pattern.

           The mysteries of these shells (Gomati) has evoked immense feelings of wonder and awe in our human mind. While Gomati Shilas are of calcite in nature, the Saligramas which are fossils are of ammonites in nature. There are other shells like right opening Conch, Cowries, Mothi Shank or Pearl Shank in the form of Pyramid which are used in pooja to bring prosperity and peace.

           Let us know that our great Universe originated with Big Bang causing explosion billions of years ago, and the Universe started expanding so vastly that it created Galaxies of Stars, Sun, Earth and other Planets. This Galaxy is a group of hundreds of Stars held together by gravity in the form of Milky Way. This Milky way is a Galaxy of Sun, Earth and Planets in form of whirlpool or spiral. According to our mythology Lord Vishnu wields the Sudharshan Chakra to destroy the evil or Adharma. Since Lord Krishna is an eight Avatar of Lord Vishnu, he was using the Sudharshan Chakra as a weapon. This disc was used to protect everyone from evils and injustices.

            Now Lord Krishna after the war of Kurukshetra returned to his golden city Dwaraka also known as Dwarakaratu, city of many doors. Shri Krishna comes to protect the cowherds at the time when river Saraswathi was drying and all the green pasture lands and cattle population dwindled.

            The Easterners reached Ganges, they revived the cattle and land and made Lord Krishna an icon. Krishna means Krishi (agriculture). He became agriculturist. He was also known as Gopala (Go means “ Cow” “Pala” means preserver or protector). Even in Western Egyptian the people sacrificed all the animals except “Cow” which was considered as godess “Hathor – Hesat” the divine Cow.

           Hence, Lord Krishna came to protect the Yadavas, he helped them to produce Milk, Ghee, Butter and Cowdungs for fertilizers. This divine form of cow is worshipped even today as “Gomatha”. Lord Krishna was known by many names as Gopala, Govardhana, Govinda, Gosaghi also Gouthama (Gou means “Cow” Utthama means “Great”), Bodhgaya (city of cows) even our modern Goa was known as “Gou Rashtra”, the nation of Cow. Lastly a Brahmin used to be asked his Gothra i.e (“Go is herd or lineage or line of cow) so Brahmin were known by their lineages. Now, in brief we understand the word “Gomati Chakra” or “Shila” Go means Cow Mathi means Face.
Lord Krishna created this Gomatis to protect the Yadavas and Cowherds from evils and dangers from his disc.

Gomati Chakra

           The energized Gomati Chakra has unique frequencies to negate, harmful , negative energies balancing the “+ ve ions and – ions”. In the Universe right from Milky Way to any form of life or inanimate matters there is a scientific, geometrical pattern in form of spiral disc which has a golden ratio represented by a “Fibonacci” number- the Phi and also Pi (22/7) and Phy 1.618. This spiral is found in almost all sea shells. This special Gomati Chakra was used by ancient Greeks, Kodrans, Celtic Tribe and Wiccas, they are all lineage of Lord Shri Krishna.

           Our request to one and all to kindly keep Gomati Chakras in person to improve your Aura, Health and Wealth for well being, make your life easy.

Benefits of Gomati Chakras

Note: It is very important that all Gomati Chakras, Naga Chakra, Moti Shank, Cowries must be cleansed, energized by proper Tantric Rituals, to enhance their power. This energizing of Chakra will be done at our end according to individual needs by our team.

           We has given golden tips how to use Gomati Chakra wisely and get maximum result after Energizing & Programming according to need :
1. Vastu Gomati Chakra is used while we perform Shankustaphana at the Brahmasthana of site by using Gnonom Stick along with Cowdung, Cow’s urine, Panchagavya, Navadhanyas, Crystals which repels negative energy and other Samagriyas.
2. Tie in a Red Silk Bag containing 11 Nos. of Gomati Chakra in front door of your house. One bag in Pooja room and One bag in cash box.
3. To increase your Aura tie a Gomati Chakra pendant on your neck.
4. To neutralize harm done by enemies throw six Gomati Chakra tied in black cloth on Amavasya Thiti in a flowing river by rotating clock wise and anti clock wise around yourself and members.
5. To get your wish fulfilled take 11 Gomati Chakras along with 11 Lagu Narayals and tie them in yellow cloth and keep in your Pooja room.
6. Bigger size Gomati Chakra 1 no. which is energized can be soaked in a cup of water during night time and drink the water in the early morning in the empty stomach, see your health and your Aura will increase.
7. This is experienced from our team that by scrutinizing your horoscope, the lord of 6th house is very important for your trials and tribulations. One has to know the lord of 6th house and where he is placed to know the direction for example if it is Venus, you have to light a ghee lamp on Fridays along with 20 Gomati Chakras in any Durga Temple, the lamp must be lighted according to its placement in horoscope, whether it is North, South, West or East after Pooja throw the Gomati Chakras in flowing water.
For further details on all the above Tips & Uses of Gomati Chakras - contact our centre at Hyderabad (Life Easy Aura Centre).

Naga Chakras – Cowries

        This Naga Chakra is useful to neutralize evil effect of Naga Dosha and skin disease. After the rituals it should be thrown in the sea.

For Pitru Doshas:

          All the members of family must go to the sea shore and take Gomati Chakra, Naga Chakra, Yellow Cowries and burn them to ash and apply them on fore head as Tilakam and throw the remaining ash in the sea.


       Many people who perform Pinda Dhana near sea shore must also follow the above remedies.


         We, the ONLY ORGANISATION providing Energized & Programmed Gomati Chakra in pure form, Which are also embedded along with jewelry, wear it like a pendant.
General Gomati Chakra are used & Worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi on the Diwali, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya.. etc auspicious days.
Gomati Chakra is very Rare and it is mostly used as Spiritual Product.
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